Visa Information

Singapore Visa  
Visa application is required for citizens / passport holders of the following countries:
Nationals of Assessment Level I Countries
India, People's Republic of China, Holders of Hong Kong Document of Identity, Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Travel Permit, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Commonwealth of Independent States (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) and Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Nationals of Assessment Level II Countries
Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, and holders of Palestinian Authority Passport, Temporary Passport issued by the United Arab Emirates and Refugee Travel Document issued by Middle-East countries.

NOTE: With effect from 1st April 2009, the Singapore High Commission does not accept individual walk-in applications. Applications must be submitted in person to any of our authorised visa agents. Applicants whose application has been approved can have their e-Visa printed by the authorised visa agents.
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Note: ACCC will only offer the invitation letter as a participation proof, which is not used for visa application. For the visa application, it's better for you to apply for the tourist visa. If you need the materials for visa application, we can offer the help, but not responsible for your visa application. Thanks for your understanding and attention!

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